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Kent - Bath Room Water Softener


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 Featuring KENT Bathroom Water Softener for converting hard water into soft in your bathrooms.
Hard water has a very high degree of magnesium and calcium which creates a host of problems for us like less lather formation, extra consumption of soaps & shampoos, salts deposits on bathroom appliances & marble floors, and scaling in shower.
To avoid this, bring home KENT Bathroom Water Softener. Ideal for individual bathrooms & especially suitable for multistorey buildings where water is supplied through different heads.

Brand Kent
Brand Collection Name Water Purifier
Brand Model Number 11064
Resin Volume
5.5 L
1200 L
Dimension 380 (L) x 220 (W) x 890 (H)
Customer care Number 92-789-12345
Warranty 1 Year
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