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KENT Automatic Water Softener 40 is a whole house water softener that converts hard water into soft.
Hard Water, with very high mineral content, dries out skin and hair, makes our clothes turn paler, create salt depositions on bathroom fittings, and wear out appliances whereas soft water increases the life span of the appliances as well as prevents fabrics from losing their natural look and feel. Also, it reduces hair loss and prevents drying of skin along with reducing the consumption of soaps and shampoo by creating extra lather.
The fully automatic microprocessor controlled water softener comes with a time based regeneration process for the convenience of the users. Comes with 40 L resin volume, this softener doesn’t use any chemicals during the softening process, thus, making the softened water safe for use.

Brand Kent
Brand Collection Name Water Purifier
Brand Model Number 11090
Resin Volume
40 L
4000 L/hr
Dimension 330 (L) x 570 (W) x 1336 (H)
Customer care Number 92-789-12345
Warranty 1 Year
Shipping & Return

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