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Importance Of Tiles For Your Bathroom

Importance Of Tiles For Your Bathroom

Tiles are one of the most significant components of a bathroom as they not only enhance its overall appearance but they also waterproof the majority of its areas. Currently, there are so many tile options available in the market. These come in a range of various shapes, materials, sizes, patterns, finishes, and colors that can make selection a bit confusing. The tiles in your bathroom prevent water from leaking onto the adjacent areas as they prevent leaks from taking place.

What are the tips and tricks to choosing tiles for your bathroom?

  • In the first round of designing your bathroom figure out the number of tiles that will be needed.
  • It is important to determine the price range for your bathroom wall and floor tiles.
  • Tiles available in the market include ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, mosaic, glass, and cement tiles. Since the bathroom is going to be wet, it is advisable to go for anti-skid or textured tiles which offer a good grip.
  • Selecting small tiles on the floor as the grout lines add up offers enhanced floor resistance.
  • opt for smaller textured bathroom tiles on the floor because the number of grout lines increases and they offer more slip resistance to the floor.
  • For a small bathroom, it is wise to have light-colored tiles that give a spacious look to your bathroom. Have gloss-finished tiles on the walls as they reflect light and make the space look brighter.
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