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Zero B AS2 – Water Softener-2000LPH

Brand:Zero B

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Auto Soft 2 converts hard water into soft water and comes with distinctive Purple Resin Media. The primary function of the Zero B Auto Soft 2 is to condition the incoming hard water to a softer form, which improves the experience of bathing, washing, and laundering and eliminates the scum formation and scaling effects of hard water on appliances and bathroom accessories. The AS2 softens water at 2000 LPH flow rates.

Brand Zero B
Water Flow 2000 LPH

Electric Supply 

230 V AC/6 Amp-1 point Electric

Salt Tank Capacity
40 Kg
Salt Per Recharge in Kgs
4 Kg
Inlet/Outlet Connections Size 1 Inch
Drain Line 0.5 Inch
Dimensions 330x470x1100mm
Installation Footprint Table Top
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